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Total Wash turned 18 this year. Quite an age! The Romanian laundry & cleaning business started and built by the Otea family decided to celebrate this beautiful coming-of-age by offering itself a gift: a new identity design, based on a strategic approach that is meant to make the most of […]


Zexe Brasserie is a fairy tale project. It is the business of Ana Consulea, one of best and most well-known master confectioners in the country. Her tiny, cozy, luminous brasserie located in the most vivid and green area of Bucharest is a place that creates addiction – in a very, […]

Once upon a time, in a place not too far ...

We’re under the sign of books, it seems. This time, it’s a collection of 3 volumes with the most amazing stories of how Romanian businesses made it. „Poiana lui Iocan” is a collection of hundreds of Romanian business stories, printed in 3 volumes. It’s a project of EximBank, Romania’s Import-Export […]

Romania’s Got Business. With EximBank

When you communicate to children, things have the potential to become surprisingly creative and rewarding. We have been dreaming of creating a story book for some time now. And finally, the opportunity presented itself: the Ecoterrians are fictional characters created to communicate eco-friendly messages to children. They are green, fluffy, […]

“The First Forrest”. A Story Book

When smart, sensitive, passionate people get involved in education you get to see what we saw during our project with the team at Compania Mica. It is a German language kindergarten and an educational center for all that has evolved into a hub where learning is associated with pleasure and […]

Compania Mica

Personal branding is always a pleasurable challenge. It is not easy to make out who a person is and what is that inner beauty and strength that is both genuine and sure to come across in communication. With Raluca Balint, thigs went smooth and easy. Maybe it’s because of her […]

Raluca Balint

In a nutshell, we delivered communication and brand strategy and creative services to remesh. It is an amazing ongoing project that brings together some very important and interesting concepts: social & circular economy, personal rehabilitation and human togetherness. Remesh 2014 Remesh 2016 remesh is a social workshop that delivers fashionable accessories like […]

Remesh Catalog 2016

We resonate a lot with social and environmental causes. There is not much explaining as to why; a simple look around at the world we live in tells the story of a planet in big need of social compassion and environmental responsibility.The chance to work with ECOTIC brought about not […]


We have a long, pleasant and ongoing work story with Cris-Tim. Our first project was a design project. We were hired to design Cris-Tim’s stand at one of the most important food fairs in the world – Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona, in 2010. It seems we liked eachother a lot, […]


Steaua – Basketball TeamYou cannot imagine the thrill of working for a sports club with Steaua’s  history and record. Romania hosts 9 million fans of Steaua, some of them on the team that worked on the identity project for its basketball team.Steaua CSM EximBank logo & stationery designWe took a […]

Steaua Baschet