Innovation Meets Human Touch in a Totally Successful Laundry & Cleaning Business

Total Wash turned 18 this year. Quite an age! The Romanian laundry & cleaning business started and built by the Otea family decided to celebrate this beautiful coming-of-age by offering itself a gift: a new identity design, based on a strategic approach that is meant to make the most of what Total Wash has to offer: passion, innovation, new technologies and international know-how, all in a very human shell.

A brand is often an extension and projection of the people behind it. With Total Wash, picture a three-generation family, where experience and stability meet the exuberance and desire to innovate of the younger generations. The primary objective of all? To serve the customer.

“My father started with a car and a small shop at a time when people in Romania were spending their money on things, not services. He worked like a lunatic and when my sister and I joined the business, we started by making delivery services – I mean we went door to door to collect clothes and rugs and all that. It was quite an experience, one that made us love this business, become passionate about it and bring it to where it is today – a national laundry & cleaning network.” Raluca Negara, Total Wash

We are happy to have offered Total Wash the new “clothes” it needed for the new stage in its life. We are pretty sure they will take good care of them!