“The First Forrest”. A Story Book

When you communicate to children, things have the potential to become surprisingly creative and rewarding. We have been dreaming of creating a story book for some time now. And finally, the opportunity presented itself: the Ecoterrians are fictional characters created to communicate eco-friendly messages to children. They are green, fluffy, lovable and invisible Earth spirits who come to life every time a human being performs an act of kindness towards the environment.
Together with ECOTIC – a top performer in Romania’s WEEE collection and management field – we have developed several communication platforms and programs dedicated to educating children on environmental issues. One of them is the “Little Ones for Big Deeds” national campaign for kindergartens. As part of this campaign, we wrote a series of short stories about the Seven Ecoterrians: One – the first to come to Earth, Two – the lovely she-spirit, Three – the nature-healer, Four – the guardian, Five – the sky master, Six – the scout, and Seven – the wise.


Judging by how rewarding writing this story book was and how much heart we put in it, we surely hope it will inspire and move children into becoming more responsible and aware of the priceless value of our planet. Some of them have already taken the Ecoterrians to heart, as you can see.

We are on our way to accomplishing our mission!