Romania’s Got Business. With EximBank

We’re under the sign of books, it seems. This time, it’s a collection of 3 volumes with the most amazing stories of how Romanian businesses made it.

„Poiana lui Iocan” is a collection of hundreds of Romanian business stories, printed in 3 volumes. It’s a project of EximBank, Romania’s Import-Export Bank. This kind of projects get us more up, close and personal with Romania’s business environment: how it grew, who contributed to it. It’s a well-deserved spotlight for all the hard-working, not-always-so-visible entrepreneurs who chose to do things their way – and they got it right.

It is heart-warming to discover so many stories of courage, determination, will and life focus. Women and men, young or not so young, with loads of experience or none so ever, made a life-changing decision and stuck to it. And, in the process, brought about change – to their families, communities and to Romania itself.

Hopefully, the project will have a re-run in a couple of years. We can’t wait to see where the brave will be.