Once upon a time, in a place not too far away…

Zexe Brasserie is a fairy tale project. It is the business of Ana Consulea, one of best and most well-known master confectioners in the country. Her tiny, cozy, luminous brasserie located in the most vivid and green area of Bucharest is a place that creates addiction – in a very, and we mean VERY positive way.

We’ve been attracted to it too. And luckily, Ana felt the same way about us, so we set out to work on the redesign concept of her dessert packaging. Ana knew exactly what she wanted: “I want the Zexe Brasserie packaging to be recognized at a glance and from the distance”. This is usually one of the most difficult requests from customers, and yet with Ana and Zexe Brasserie things unfolded wonderfully.

Maria Dermengiu and her dreamlike work

Ana Consulea is an artist of desserts. Hard to combine her energy, her passion and depth of sensitivity with anything other than art. That is what sparked the whole concept: Ana’s artsy, young and romantic style needed to be expressed in the best possible way. And that is how artist Maria Dermengiu naturally joined the project. Maria is a very well-known Romanian artist, famous for her one-of-a-kind chromatics and approach; her work has the beauty and quality of dreams, taking the viewer far, far away into a world reconstructed to match her sensitivity.

Maria accepted our invitation and created a work that supports Ana’s vision and greatly compliments the new design of Zexe’s new dessert packaging. The result is delicate, luminous, eye-catching design that both artists love. And that makes us very, very happy!


Bon appetit!