Compania Mica

When smart, sensitive, passionate people get involved in education you get to see what we saw during our project with the team at Compania Mica. It is a German language kindergarten and an educational center for all that has evolved into a hub where learning is associated with pleasure and joy. They have developed their own ways, they rely on stories and particularities a lot but they also use German as a construction foundation for personal discipline.

It is another very good example of a project where we had the chance to help but also get helped, since many of us are parents and the things we found out during our interaction with the client’s amazing educational team were eye-opening.

So yes, we delivered communication and brand strategies, identity design, a signage system & interior branding, as well as a web site, but we also took home some really useful insights on a child’s universe, development and what can be done to achieve balance and fulfilment.


Thank you, Compania Mica!


For more on their story and projects, access or their Facebook page.