eleven acts of kindness

We believe genuine kindness spreads and brings so much positive energy in our lives. So whenever we come across people or initiatives that inspire us to be MORE of what we are – aware, involved, inspired, hard-working, generous – we offer our support. Take a look!


In a nutshell, we delivered communication and brand strategy and creative services to remesh. It is an amazing ongoing project that brings together some very important and interesting concepts: social & circular economy, personal rehabilitation and human togetherness.


Remesh 2014

 Remesh 2016

remesh is a social workshop that delivers fashionable accessories like bags, purses, clutches, home deco objects made of recycled advertising banners and meshes. The workshop offers jobs to disadvantaged people, who get a new start in life. This is the context that makes remesh an amazing brand combining eco and social-friendly behavior. It encourages people to choose objects that are made in a socially and environmental conscious way.

So you see, remesh is Socialwear.

For more on their story and projects, access remesh.ro.


Adina Paun

Romania needs people who commit to serious and much necessary change. Maternal and child care should be at the core of every nation’s health policies, especially since there is a vocational profession trained and willing to do just that: midwives. Unfortunately, midwives in our country don’t have the necessary status and recognition they should have – so the health system is actually depriving Romanian women and newborns, especially those in remote or disadvantaged areas, of proper medical monitoring and care.

Adina Paun is a midwife who will not give in to legislative difficulties, lack of interest and will to improve the situation. As Vice-President of the Independent Midwives Association, she fights the system on two fronts: with facts and figures that prove that our current system cannot save precious infant & mother lives, and with her daily caring presence and support for expecting or new mothers and their children.

We love Adina and we support her with all we can – from strategic advice to a set of identity stationery and event materials.

Florina Luput

Florina’s photography is pure emotion. Her passion for capturing breathtaking fragments of life drew our attention and we wanted to help her with her online presence www.florinaluput.com. She’s currently a multi-award winning emerging artist and we are so proud to be supporting her.

"In these times when democracy (the taste of the crowd) has taken over photography as well, in these times when self-admiring reasonableness dominates photographic life, in these times when photography is praised as valuable only if morally and socially correct, there comes this fragile girl with a luminous smile who consciously walks on nails in insisting to capture powerful, courageous, deep photographic expressions. When looking at her pictures you feel the tenacity of the search, the stout severity that is however always coupled with serenity. Just like in the third quintet by Johannes Chrysostomes Wolfgangus Theophilus Amadeus Mozart, named so in 1765 and, democratically speaking, unknown to this day. Welcome, Florina, to our splendid photographic discomfort."

Francisc Mraz Ferkó, Bucharest, March 2017