We resonate a lot with social and environmental causes. There is not much explaining as to why; a simple look around at the world we live in tells the story of a planet in big need of social compassion and environmental responsibility.

The chance to work with ECOTIC brought about not only one of the greatest partnerships we have come across so far, but an eye-opening experience regarding a lot of realities in the field of WEEE collection, recycling and valuation.

In the past year, we have worked on a new communication strategy for the organization, on an identity revamp & online presence redesign. The communication altogether was reoriented to make a more clear point of ECOTIC’s strengths on a still new and challenging market in Romania, that of WEEE management.

At the beginning of March 2016, ECOTIC launches the first local, in-city collection and recycling amenity in Romania: The Municipal Collection Center in Iasi. In a year that sees the European Commission push for efforts from Member States to speed-up the implementation of innovative systems for collection and recycling, ECOTIC partnered with Iasi City Hall and worked on a project that will surely score some points on Romania’s roadmap.

We are thrilled to deliver the integrated communication campaign – TV, radio, print, digital – for a project that fits ECOTIC’s profile: visionary, serious, giving and collaborative.