We have a long, pleasant and ongoing work story with Cris-Tim.
Our first project was a design project. We were hired to design Cris-Tim’s stand at one of the most important food fairs in the world – Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona, in 2010.

It seems we liked eachother a lot, because that was a project that marked an ongoing collaboration that engulfed a lot of various projects.

Internal communication platform

One of the most important was setting up the internal communication platform of Cris-Tim. It was a very nice project for us, for two reasons: one, we discovered a lot of great people inside the company and that’s why we came up with a concept that put a name on the actual situation of the company: a company like a very – and we mean very – extended family.

Second, it took us one step further into a new and exciting project – Cris-Tim’s internal magazine.


Mandruta is the dairy brand of Cris-Tim. To the general public Cris-Tim spells cold-cuts, nevertheless the Romanian leader of the cold cuts market is far more than that.

Cris-Tim is an extended and diverse business group that decided to make a bold move on the Romanian dairy market. They had a major competitive advantage: they were – and still are – the only Romanian producer of dairy products that use milk from their own farm. They take great pride in their EcoFerm establishment that homes the very best breed of cows – Montbeliard cattle are known for the quality of their milk.

And since it was all about the dear cows – by the way, we visited the farm and we totally loved it – we decided to give them a proper name and face and develop a character. This is how Mandruta was born.

We were involved in the project from the very beginning, helping with strategic advice on positioning the new brand and its flagship product – Mandruta milk. We developed the naming, logo design and the illustration, the 3D models of packaging and the whole bunch of materials that followed.

We put our heart into this project and we hope Cris-Tim’s commitment to quality and technical innovation combined with our drive for properly and efficiently done communication will give wings to our dear Mandruta.

Cris-Tim package design – Sliced Specialities

Market research studies have shown a significant increase in the sales of freshbox cold cuts and Cris-Tim desired a stand-out package design on the shelf. Competition was overwhelmingly colorful and showing a high degree of information on the front of the package. We challenged this convention of appearance and came up with an all-white design concept. A clean, appetite-creating and light design meant to emphasize the product and its quality.